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There are good hair extensions. And there are bad hair extensions. Lots of women have the bad kind. We'd like to encourage you to get the good kind. The kind of hair extensions that won't make you bald or look fake and tragic! You should be demanding real hair extensions that are made from top quality human hair that is obtained ethically.

Hair extensions can be loads of fun, will last a considerable amount of time if you follow the simple and easy care instructions and can totally change your look!

Hair extensions are great for lengthening and thickening hair.

We offer Hair Link Extensions.

Some things to look for in Hair Extensions

Here are some things you need to be aware of when thinking of hair extensions:



Ethically sourced hair that is 100% human
Hair Link guarantees that all their hair has met the following criteria:

  • Every strand has been donated willingly with the full consent of the donor
  • The donor has been treated with respect and care
  • A fair and reasonable price is paid and money is used solely for charitable endeavours
  • There are no middlemen to ensure full and direct knowledge of the origin of the hair.
  • In-house end-to-end production process – from procurement of the hair to the wholesale hair extension sales to ensure full and documented traceability.

Remy Hair

Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hair's cuticle and aligning them in a uni-directional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance. This process ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky

How Hair Extensions are Applied

Great Lengths International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer in 1992. Because of this ground-breaking technology, many if not all extension companies now claim a "keratin bond" as their form of attachment.

However, any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a "keratin" bond. This means that companies seeking to imitate the success of Greath Lengths Synthesized Keratin Bond can use inferior components that do not provide the same benefits as the Great Lengths bond. Prebonded hair extensions, such a Great Lengths, are the most discrete hair extensions and are the easiest to maintain.

Hair Extension Maintenance

Apart from giving you all the information you need to know about hair extensions BEFORE you buy them, SMIK Hair & Beauty offer a complimentary 2 week follow up appointment to ensure you are 100% over-the-moon with your Hair Link extensions. In this follow up appointment you have the opportunity to talk about any concerns you may have with your hair Link Specialist to ensure you are aware of exactly how to keep your extensions in great shape for longer.

Certified Hair Extension Stylists that are Experienced Hairdressers

You would be surprised to know that many people who apply hair extensions are not hairdressers.

  • How can hair extension stylists understand the placement of hair if they are not a hairdresser?
  • How can hair extension stylists understand how your hair will behave in the haircut with hair extensions if they are not a hairdresser?

There are plenty of one-man bands out there promoting themselves as hair extension stylists without having hairdressing qualifications. In our opinion exceptional hair extension applications can only take place when an experienced hairdresser who works with hair everyday is performing the application.

Our hair extension stylists have a significant amount of experience as exceptional hairdressers who colour, cut and style every day.

This means that our hairdressers are able to diagnose your hair and any problems that require addressing, understand how your hair behaves, ensure your hair colour is sensational (by providing you colour services) and your hair extensions are seamlessly blended into your existing hair cut.

Don't risk your hair

I chopped off the last part

Don't risk your hair health and money or poor quality hair extensions and inexperienced operators!

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